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Buying a Boat is Easier When You Learn With Captain Chris

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Buying a Boat is Easier When You Learn With Captain Chris
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I recently received a BIG compliment from a client currently in the boat buying process...and remember I teach you how to maneuver and maintain your boat, I don't sell boats.

We first worked together in our Introduction to Boat Systems two-day seminar. Then I previewed a boat listing he was interested in visiting. And then I got the phone that put a big smile on my face!

When my client first boarded this boat he knew exactly what he was looking at: Fuel filters, oil changing system, hydraulic rudder control and auto pilot pump. It all made sense now. Seeing the black water system and air conditioners and understanding how they work was a definite plus.

And of course knowing there is adequate accessibility to the propulsion and generator engines for owner maintenance seemed to seal the deal. He wanted to tell me that all the preparation helped him to know this was the right boat for him. Before learning with Captain Chris it was all just a blur.

Check out the photos below to see some of the boat systems you should know before you go. Watch the video and take an engine room tour to learn a bit more. We can help build your cruising confidence with a class, videos and hands-on training.

Join us for our next Introduction to Boat Systems class. Be prepared. Know what you are looking at before you buy your dream boat. Even learn to change your own fuel filters and oil. Save THOUSANDS! Yes, I said thousands. Don't believe me? Just call a boatyard and ask for an estimate to change oil and fuel filters on a twin engine boat with a generator. If they ask what type of engine and you don't have your boat yet then tell them a Caterpillar 3208 with 375 hp and an ONAN 7kW generator. Multiply that cost over the amount of hours you plan to use your boat and wow! you've saved your budget for more fun things like marinas, restaurants,'ll think of something!

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Aftermarket dual diesel filters with vacuum gauges and selector valves. Note the black plunger knobs for priming the filter.
Check out the rust in the drip pan. Is the seller hiding something? Look at the white paint over-spray.
Confused about all the wires? Look down to the right for the coded legend. Easy!
Does this boat have an odor? Did the salesman open the doors and windows before you arrived? The sewage hoses need replacing...YESTERDAY!
Holding tank with 2 toilet discharge hoses, deck pumpout hose, overboard pump, Damp Rid to reduce odors and the level gauge sensors. Breathe it all in...
Homemade shower sump basin with bilge pump,  float switch, check valve and 3 inlets, showers and sinks.
Now what? Strainers for generator, main engine and air conditioner. AC water pump, float switch and bilge pump.
This sensor is to alarm if there is NO cooling water flow. See the two wires and also the green bonding wire.
Thru hull sea cocks- one for direct overboard toilet flush and the other for macerator discharge. Notice that the valve handles are in the closed position.
Start guessing. There is a lot of stuff in this engine room....or Ask Captain Chris in a seminar or aboard your boat!

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