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Grand Banks 46 from ManO'War Bahamas to Stuart Florida

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Grand Banks 46 from ManO'War Bahamas to Stuart Florida
A beautiful Grand Banks 46 at the dock in Man O War, Abacos Bahamas, waiting to come back to the United States.
Additional Images
Vessel type/size - Grand Banks Classic Trawler 46 feet
Engine type/horsepower - Twin Caterpillar 3208 375 HP
Economical cruising speed - 16 knots
Starting location - Man O War Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
Final Destination - Stuart, FL.

We were hired to bring this Grand Banks 46 back from her vacation home in the Abacos. It was a fabulous trip, on a fabulous boat without a hitch...Oh, but did we say we were keeping a sharp eye out on Hurricane Bertha? At flight time she was 700 miles south east of the Bahamas and her projected path was to veer north toward Bermuda.

Our hope was that this storm would turn north quickly and miss land altogether. Our luck held and we enjoyed terrific weather with nice calm seas for crossing the Gulf Stream. Click on these photos below for our journey.....

We flew Yellow Air Taxi from Fort Lauderdale to Marsh Harbour, Abacos, Bahamas. The only 2 riders in a nine passenger plane.
Our Pilot Tom was quite seasoned flying back and forth from the USA to the Bahamas. Look how empty the cabin is. Remember, we were the only passengers.
Flying over the inlet at Fort Lauderdale. This is a truly wonderful inlet in just about any kind of weather.
Here's a trailing dredge just off the Florida coast. It will suck the sand out of the anchorage area and dump it in the Gulf Stream, to be carried away by the current.
Shoals just to the southwest side of Marsh Harbour. Most boaters coming from the Florida coast will approach the Abacos from the north side of Grand Bahamas and head east. So this sight is usually appreciated only from an airplane.
Look carefully and you will see the landing strip at Marsh Harbour. We were surrounded by thunder boomers so the ride was a bit bumpy.
Safe landing! Since we were the only passengers, Yellow Air Taxi took on a bit of extra cargo to make the trip worthwhile. Marsh Harbour International Airport Abacos, Bahamas.
After clearing customs, we hop a taxi for a grocery run in Marsh Harbour. Prices are higher here as goods are imported. So we shop for bargains and box our groceries for the ferry. The red bag holds survival suits; yellow is the electronics.
Our Ferry sits at the dock. We ride the 2:30 p.m. trip out to Man O War Cay.
What a tight channel! Looking back from the stern of the ferry you see how the sailboat lines up to avoid the rock coral framing the narrow entrance to Man O War. There's 6 feet at MLW...right in the middle.
We discovered that the Man O War grocery store was right next to our marina! Not as big as a 7-11 but much more personality. Notice the golf cart on the right edge of the photo- that's major transportation on the cay.
A sign at the top directs the visiting traveler, so we won't get lost. The sign below is the Bahamian version of a highway bill board. The Bahamian flag waves proudly in preparation for Independence Day July 10th.
Banana trees are plentiful in this warm climate.
Grand Banks 46 at Edwins Marina, Man O War, Abacos. We did our run through for flares, lifejackets, fire extinguishers and filters. Checked out the boats electronics and set up our own for safety - all the evening before heading out.
A big boy anchored at Bakers Bay just south of Whale Cay. Looks like they're waiting for Bond, James Bond, to drop out of the sky in his tuxedo.
Center of the World Rock. If you are traveling the Abacos you can't miss this GPS landmark. You'll pass it on your way from Spanish Cay heading west toward Great Sale Cay. A few birds have made themselves at home on the rock.
Passing us at a much faster speed, this yacht is flying the courtesy flag of the Bahamas. They are headed across the banks toward the Atlantic Ocean.
This boat is just arriving onto the Bahama Banks and passes us flying the yellow Quarantine flag. This flag signifies that they have not yet cleared Immigration and Customs. When they do then the courtesy flag will be flown from the highest point.
From the USS ADIRONACK wrecked on Man O War reef 1862. Cannon recovered by Vernon Albury and others on Wm D Lee's MV LUCAYA in 1949. Painted in the colors of the Bahamian flag.

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