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Kadey Krogen 48 North Sea AE, Advanced Ergonomics

What an Awsome Week of Training!

First Mate Boat Handling

Tag Team Delivery of Kadey Krogen 58 from Brunswick GA to Herrington Harbor MD

TrawlerFest  University Baltimore!!

Mission to Mars Starts in Louisiana

Crossing the Gulf of Mexico in a 39 ft Kadey Krogen Trawler


See Life At Sea

Captain Chris Yacht Services
See Life At Sea
An Osprey not so happy to have us near the nest. It's hard to avoid disturbing her since she's chosen a channel marker for her home.
Additional Images
What incredible wildlife we see offshore and inland along the waterway. A small reference book can help even the novice become an avid bird watcher. While we are offshore we maintain a sharp look out, not only for the obvious boat and ship traffic but also for the elusive sea turtle, mola mola fish and playful pod of dolphin. As quick as you can say, "look over there!" a splash may be the only evidence of a leatherback turtle or even a whale.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page then Click on each photo below to enlarge picture and read captions. We'll add to this page as we're fortunate enough to catch the sea life on film. So please check back as you never know what else we may have "captured."


And here's a really cook video that shows what dolphins do while they are under the waters surface...

Wild Horses on the beach at Cumberland Island, Georgia.
Swans came to greet us as we arrived in Port Jefferson, NY.
Sea birds flying in formation to take turns sharing the load of air resistance. If only WE were this smart...
Look closely at the shadow beneath the water. It's a huge turtle with a 4 foot shell.
Dolphins playing under the bow pulpit. Always a treat to watch them jumping in our bow wake.
A curious neighbor stopping by.
Waiting for Noah's Ark?
Old and young, the gang's all here! Lots of Pelicans usually means lots of fish.
A Manatee smiling for the camera. So ugly he's cute.
An Osprey on alert. Note the fierce, sharp hook to his beak. That's how how shreds his prey before eating. A very efficient hunter.
Uh-oh! He's spotted me.
This sea turtle was kind enough to stay put until we could focus our camera. Then POOF! and he dove quickly out of sight.
...OK, so it's not real. But it did SEEM real enough to startle us. Many boat owners try desperate measures to keep sea birds from nesting near their boat. Maybe the snake can scare the birds like it scared us??

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