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St. Augustine's distinctive black and white stands sharp against the lowlands of Northern Florida.
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A lighthouse may be low tech and more picturesque than functional in this time of GPS, RADAR and AIS - Automated Identification System. But we appreciate the long standing dedication of mariners making landfall without anything more than dead reckoning and a magnetic compass. These majestic masterpieces of stone and mortar remind us of our nautical history.

By day you may recognize the silhouette or color scheme, by night the light color and pattern guides you into safe harbor.

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Long Island Sound.
Long Island Sound.
On the Northside of Long Island Shoreline
Maybe not a lighthouse but definately a superb landmark.
Delaware Bay
Northern point of Cumberland Island, GA. Check out the Green Buoy hard aground at low tide.
On a clear day Ole Barney stands tall against the horizon. Barnegat Lighthouse on the north end of Long Beach Island, New Jersey.
When winds were pushing 30 knots, Barnegat Light Inlet on the New Jersey coastline was a warm welcome to safe harbor.
Florida Lighthouses rely on distinctive color patterns to mark local inlets.
The lighthouses of the Florida Keys are easily spotted along the mangrove shoreline.
Sometimes the cap above the lens creates the identifying shape to lead the way home.
Modern homes built so close to this stately lookout.
This unusual spire as seen from the ICW near Isle of Palms, South Carolina. You can smell the rich mud along the grassy banks.
Along the East River in New York City this marks an intersection of wicked currents.
A close up look at the Jupiter Lighthouse in Florida. Note the small ladder on the left side allowing access to the outside of the lens. Not a job for the faint of heart.
This bright lighthouse marks the entrance to Nassau Harbor in the Bahamas.
An observation tower makes another unique landmark for weary sailors. Also in the Bahamas.
Hopetown Lighthouse, Bahamas, viewed from the inner harbor.

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