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Hurricane Isaac Delays Trawler Training aboard a Gulfstar 44 Trawler

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Hurricane Isaac Delays Trawler Training aboard a Gulfstar 44 Trawler
Short sleeves and bright colors are so much nicer than rain slickers and dreary skies!
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Bob and Jama planned to come aboard for trawler training in early September but mother nature and Hurrican Isaac had something else in mind. The eye of this enormous storm was many miles off the WEST coast of Florida yet we experienced 19 inches of rain and gusty winds on the Treasure Coast more than 200 miles EAST of the eye.

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)Although we could have done an amazing amount of dockside training and maybe even manage to sneak in a bit of on-the-water training in between squall lines, this couple opted to reschedule their trip for later in the year and BOY! what a difference in the weather!

When we all finally met aboard our 44 foot trawler SANDY HOOK, Jama and Bob were rewarded with real Florida sunshine, gentle winds and a training trip to remember.

After learning a realistic approach to cruising and an appreciation for living aboard a 44 foot vessel, this couple is now prepared to search for the boat of their dreams. We are pleased they chose Captain Chris Yacht Services to be a part of their adventure!

Call us at 772-205-1859 and let us know when you'd like to start Living the Dream of a cruiser too!

First we start with line handling. Just how do you throw a line so a dock hand catches it every time?
THAT'S how you throw a line perfectly to a waiting dock hand.
Classroom each morning on the back deck...navigation, anchors, engine maintenance are a few fun topics.
Jama is an amazing note taker. Check out the graphics for the figure eight before anchoring. Very descriptive for later reference!
The directives from the Navigator are important for the Helmsman to clearly hear and understand.
A happy Helmsman at the wheel.
Picking up a mooring ball takes patience, skill and a little cooperation from the tidal current.
Going ashore in the dinghy is a favorite of our second mate Bert.
Many cruisers consider the dinghy their primary form of transportation and marinas often provide special dinghy docks to accommodate large numbers as we invade the shoreline.
A couple that plays together in the engine room builds the team spirit quickly.
The beginning of a spectacular day on the Indian River Lagoon. Lots to learn so lets get underway!
Bridge reflections from our back deck after dinner. Can you see where the channel is? Hint: look for the fender boards' red lights.

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