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Captain Chris Yacht Services
San Diego SeaRay to Trawler Training in Florida
Smiling through the Liquid Sunshine of Florida!
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Are you curious why the national boating magazines write so much about cruising the US East Coast and the Atlantic ICW? Brian and Debby were just like you and now they are on their way from the deserts of Arizona to living the dream!

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

Sometimes one half of the couple has more boating experience and the novice half can feel left out when boating plans take place: decisions that include defining the perfect cruising boat, where to dock it and navigation in general. Not these newlyweds! Self-described ”Serving Hearts”, they respect each other’s strengths and differences and they enjoy learning about new things together. Boating aboard their SeaRay 27 Inboard/Outboard Cruiser they drive 5 ½ hours to San Diego every other weekend from their home in Arizona. Trying to improve their comfort level they had already taken the US Power Squadron ABC course.  With retirement soon in sight & thinking about more extensive cruising, they decided to combine Trawler Training with an east coast cruise to discover what it is all about.

Welcome aboard SANDY HOOK!! Believe it or not the first big difference they discover is the ease of handling a larger boat as compared to their I/O day cruiser. Next, they are pleasantly surprised by all the choices we have to anchor on the ICW along the east coast- regardless of the weather. Rain or shine, we can plan cruises that are safe and fun!

Before heading out we reviewed engine room systems, raw water cooling designs, diesel fuel filter changes, air conditioner sea water cooling, electrical management, and life aboard a cruising boat. Each morning we build on new knowledge gained the day before.  On this trip we included more than just theory with weather planning. In addition to hands-on storm preparation at anchor we also included making the decision to pull into the safe harbor of Manatee Pocket and docking at a marina for the night. Listening to the Weather station on our VHF we knew a front is expected. Local TV broadcasted a tornado watch for our area so we adjusted our cruising plans for the evening. The watch turned into a  warning with a touchdown less than 15 miles from us. As the front came through winds of 70 knots would have been more than we enjoy while at anchor! Good decision Captain Chris.

On our last day we visited a boat yard to see, touch and discuss hull forms. This allows us to appreciate the difference between a full displacement, semi planing, deep vee, semi vee, prop pockets, full keel, skegs, active fin stabilizers and everything you should have a working knowledge about before purchasing the cruising boat to meet your dreams. Call us for your Living the Dream Trawler Training trip aboard Sandy Hook on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Charting each morning to plan our cruise for the day.
Engine room review before we start the engines
Trying out the dinghy just before the storm hits. Notice the flat, calm water...
The storm clouds are brewing but we are in good shape because we selected the right anchorage for the prevailing winds today. Each morning we plan our cruising day to include the weather forecast...and adjust our plans as the weather changes too!
Liquid sunshine! Some of us are made of sugar.
RADAR shows us rain all around...and if we zoom out we can see where it stops!
Our full coverage Flybridge canvas keeps us dry.
And we are thankful to be on a trawler!
Learning about hull forms in a boat yard can help you determine displacement or planing hulls.
This is when a pilot house with mechanical wipers would be nice....but Brian does a good job while Debby continues at the helm.
Sometimes roles are swapped and Brian gets time at the wheel as Helmsman while Debby acts as Navigator.
Chris coaches us through the three bridges in Stuart: a fixed 65 foot, a narrow railroad span followed by a bascule that needed to be raised for our 19 foot air draft. Currents are fun as we navigate through this choke point in the St. Lucie River.
Looking astern of our trawler, this is the last bascule bridge going back down.
Lots of signs that tell a short and sweet story: how fast can we go, where we are on the Okeechobee Waterway, what is the name of this bridge and how much air draft can we expect?
A dredge in the middle of Manatee Pocket tells us which way to go around not aground!
A little line handling lessons when we come in to the fuel dock.
Building Cruising Confidence As A Couple! Are you scheduled to come aboard with Captains Chris & Alyse this season???

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