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Sharing the Waterway - Situational Awareness

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Sharing the Waterway - Situational Awareness
These wonderful creatures are fun to watch when they ride the bow wake with us. Don't worry as they usually swim much faster than we can travel!
Additional Images
In addition to basic navigation and boat handling we also encourage our clients to consider situational awareness. Take a look at some of the other-than-boats that we see maneuvering in and around the channels of the waterways.

We will certainly suggest the safest method for navigating in some of these less than optimal conditions. It's important to know the rules of the road but more important to know that many others DO NOT!

Cruising safety is our goal and Captain Chris Yacht Services will offer tricks and tips to meet your goals too... Who knows what we'll see when YOU come aboard to live the dream!

This sea plane lined up to land in a channel that is perpendicular to the ICW in Miami...RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! No telescopic lens on this point and shoot camera.
WOW! That was close.
Pretty to look at but this parasail is attached to a speeding boat with a driver who isn't always looking out for you.
This is a BoatPix chopper that zooms in and snaps your photo while you are underway. Often when go-fast boats see this zippy little helicopter they set off for some fast paced posing so be aware!
Many times a blimp is advertising a big land-based event such as a Super Bowl. This event may bring a larger than normal boating community to the waterways.
This airplane was sitting on a barge being pushed by a small tug...very daunting when you see it heading toward you, but very easily managed!
Not quite a boat but! this A-frame workboat is exactly that. If you see it in the distance be sure to know if he is underway or working with a dredge.
This dredge has a bright orange sign to indicate which way to safe passage...because his diamond day shapes are missing! If you pass on the wrong side of a dredge you could run aground or run across his discharge pipe. Either way, a bad day!

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