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Another Golden Star 42 Trawler Training

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Another Golden Star 42 Trawler Training
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The new owners of this Golden Star 42 found us on the web when they were searching for other Golden Star owners. We had helped another couple transition from a smaller boat to their recently purchased larger boat, also a Golden Star 42. And, both couples are from Maine! Cruisers really are a small community.


We met Mark & Becky two times, first for their sea trial and survey then again after they purchased their new boat. We helped them transition from their sailing experience to POWER BOATING

As Mainers, they are familiar with tides and the effect on boating but they don't have the narrow channels like the Okeechobee Waterway or ICW. So we have our work cut out...and we see a few unlucky examples to illustrate the point. 

We review ship's systems below deck including inverters, twin engines, generator charging and AIR CONDITIONING, something they are not used to in Maine. 

Follow the photo journal to review our adventures in south FL before they head home up the ICW, Jersey Coast, Long Island Sound, Cape Cod Canal and finally into Maine State Waters.

Trip planning is first on our list. Learning to navigate these shallow waters is essential.
Next we review all the cooling systems and fuel filters.
Changing the fuel filters is easy when you know how!
Looking for pieces and parts that may be blocking the water flow...he is rewarded with a few old pencil zincs that have broken off. Maybe the engines will run cooler now!
Working on our line handling skills. Practice makes perfect and before you know it she's a real cowgirl!
Underway as a real team!
My turn at the helm...if that smile gets any brighter we'll need darker sunglasses.
Everyone gets a spin at the wheel before it's time to work on our anchor skills.
The anchor steps are reviewed before we find our perfect spot. Most importantly, we need to know how quickly the boat responds. How much glide? And how easily can we shift from forward to neutral to reverse?
Lowering the anchor on the North Fork of the St. Lucie River.
Another day at Peck Lake helps refine our anchor duties.
Mark tries out his new hose to clean mud from the anchor chain.
Getting the dinghy to swing out over the starboard side of the boat.
Becky keeps the dinghy from scraping along the side of the mother boat as Mark lowers it down using the power winch.
Don't look up or....accccckkkkkkk! You'll see this crazed boater!!
Time to test out the dinghy and have a little fun zipping around the anchorage.
This sailboat was aground when we left the dock this morning and the tide keeps going OUT! It will be 11 PM before he has a chance of getting towed off this shallow bar 20 feet from the edge of the channel.
Thumbs up for some great days on the water. Building Cruising Confidence As A Couple!

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