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Anchor Chain - Be Patriotic As You Measure and Mark

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Anchor Chain - Be Patriotic As You Measure and Mark
Ultra Anchor holds you securely over night, for lunch or anytime!
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Ever wonder how much chain you really have out? Wonder no more! Captain Chris shows you how easy it is to mark your anchor chain with a Red, White and Blue color scheme every 25 feet. Need 100 feet? You'll see Yellow/Gold as it comes out of the chain locker. Each photo below has a descriptive caption that allows you to follow along.

We were asked to help out FAT BOTTOM GIRL as the owners were pressed for time. We tried for a wind-less day but had to be satisfied with sunny and low humidity. We improvised with boxes to keep our boat neighbors and marina staff happy. Gotta watch for overspray and the boxes do the trick!

Put one coat of paint on each 25 foot of chain, red, white, blue & yellow, then start back at the first red at 25ft after turning the chain inside the box to get overall paint coverage. You may need to do this a few times to find your know, the places you missed the first time spraying!

To learn more about anchoring, docking, trip planning, navigation, galley tips and more please join us at our next Cruising 101 FUNdamentals seminar in Vero Beach...or Ask Captain Chris 772-205-1859. 

First we play out all the chain from the chain locker. The cement floating dock is a perfect flat surface to work on or we'd have to remove the chain from the boat and onto a parking lot or yard. It helps that we are last on the dock.
The chain comes up through the deck fitting and above the  deck...
...we play it out until we see the attached line above deck. The line is the bitter end.
The bitter end should ALWAYS be attached to the boat but long enough that you could cut through the line if you needed to while you are out on deck - not in the chain locker.
After putting all the chain out onto the dock we stretch it to measure off 25 foot lengths starting from the anchor. Then tape at least one foot sections to paint with color. Now we are ready to paint. red=25, white=50, blue=75 & yellow=100. Then repeat!
First we try the plastic drop cloth while painting the chain red. Uh-oh! The wind is too much and blows the plastic sheeting everywhere. Try again!
White marks 50 feet. Cardboard boxes help keep the paint off the dock, away from other boats' hulls and on the chain where we want it.
Blue shows us 75 feet. The boxes sure do help keep the paint from flying in the breeze.
Whoo-Hoo! It's 100 feet and golden yellow marks the chain. It will be hard to miss this color when it comes up from the chain locker. Then repeat Red, White, Blue and TWO yellow marks for 200 feet. You get the idea.
Beautiful SUPER MAX anchor.
Be sure to wear your best WORK clothes. You know...the clothes you wear to add water to the batteries? Here's Captain Chris with his salute to the Phoenix Suns and his bright Red Crocs.
She's ready to anchor...Bahamas here we come!!
Jim Felds sent us his how-to successful anchor chain story. There are many ways to accomplish marking out the chain. Thx for sharing another way that works!

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